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Life after medicine

Our Editor, Andrew Burd, renowned burns surgeon, takes us on a fascinating journey from his early days as a medical student travelling in the USA through his search for scarless healing in the 1980s and finally to his current work...

UK allergy crisis: deploy the ‘LIMED’ mnemonic

In response to the revelation that allergies now cost the NHS approximately £900 million pounds per year, Professor Frame and colleagues in Chelmsford explain why the mnemonic ‘LIED’ needs to be updated.

How I Do It - Approaches to lip augmentation: more than just increasing size

Having full lips is commonly associated with beauty and youthfulness. This is the reason why lip enhancement is one of the most frequently requested procedures. The complete perioral frame should be taken in to consideration to achieve a more natural...

Prednisolone and/or acyclovir for Bell’s palsy

Facial nerve paralysis as a consequence of Bell’s palsy can result in devastating long‑term effects on a patient’s appearance. What is the best medical treatment for this condition? Stuart Burrows provides his appraisal of this landmark paper from the New...

Training of Aesthetic Surgery: a statement from the UKAAPS President

The UK Association of Plastic Surgeons (UKAAPS) is delighted to support PMFA News and recognises the niche it holds in the education and dissemination of information about plastic surgery to surgeons, patients, regulators, facilitators, media and the general public. As...

Dermoscopy: an update and personal view

With skin cancer now at epidemic levels, early diagnosis is essential. Specialist Stephen Hayes advocates the use of dermoscopy as a triage tool and explains how to interpret the data. Melanoma skin cancer is now the UK’s fifth most common...
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