Nurse Practitioner joins Teoxane UK as product specialist for South Wales & the Southwest

Leading global dermal filler and dermocosmetics brand Teoxane has announced the appointment of experienced Nurse Practitioner Rachael Grey-Smart as Product Specialist for South Wales & the Southwest.

Aerolase Neo Elite®

Aerolase Neo Elite® stands at the forefront of dermatological innovation, offering an unparalleled solution for treating all severities of acne. This advanced laser technology features a unique...


RFNEED System by Campomats is a completely different and innovative working methodology to combine bipolar radiofrequency and needling.

Cooltech Define

The most advanced cryolipolysis technology for full body contouring is called Cooltech Define.


The most adaptable platform on the market is the V-SERIES line of devices. This cutting-edge Multi-Technology platform, created to address a variety of skin issues in daily practice, combines...

Vivacy introduces ground-breaking commercial policy

The Vivacy Loyalty Scheme in a nutshell: great prices for high-quality products all year round. We constantly check our prices across the whole market and we are confident that we offer great value and...

Meet Quiet Blue – a comprehensive approach to holistic care for patients

Quiet Blue are a functional fragrance wellbeing brand, using clinical Aromatherapy blends for their purposeful candles, reed diffusers and artisanal soaps that...

BCAM responds to the recent BBC news story regarding the seizure of unlicensed dermal fillers and suspected illegally traded botulinum toxin

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) continues to push for regulation in Aesthetic Medicine to protect patients from the risk of dangerous unlicensed products and procedures...

The first ever biomimetic exosome is the latest in AnteAGE technology

At AnteAGE, innovation is our cornerstone. We spearhead the evolution of cosmetics by integrating advanced technologies, notably our groundbreaking work with exosomes and synthetic lipid nanoparticles underpinned from our extensive insights into stem cell biology.

Aura 3D Imaging System: new tech in aesthetics

The Aura 3D Imaging System uses multiple cameras and lights to create an accurate 3D digital model of patients' faces and necks.

Be one of the first to get your hands on a breakthrough technology at AMWC2024

What happens when the leaders of Reality Technology enter the world of Aesthetics?

The future of acne treatment is clear

As acne affects 742 million patients daily, an alarming 48% are unsatisfied with their current acne treatment [1,2]. But the landscape is changing with...