How to submit editorial

Would you like to submit an article for possible publication in The PMFA Journal?
We’re always happy to consider submitted editorial, however, we will not be able to guarantee publication and the decision of the editorial board is final. We will need confirmation that the work is all your own and has not been published elsewhere.

A major strength of The PMFA Journal is its unbiased and independent stance, so please be aware that any article submitted must be commercially unbiased and any potentially conflicting interests must be declared.
Please send your idea or editorial submission by email to our Editorial Co-ordinators, Diana Spencer at or Jennifer Fallon at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Feature article guidelines

General Rules

  • The title/outline of article will be agreed between Editor and Contributor.

  • All text prepared will be original and will not have been previously published.

  • The article will be scheduled to appear in a particular issue but no guarantees can be given in this respect.

  • The contribution is non remunerable.

  • The Editor reserves the right to alter or amend the contribution. Should any amendments result in drastic alterations to the article the Editor will return the article for reconsideration by the Contributor.

  • The Editor’s decision is final and binding. No undue correspondence will be entered into.

  • All possible conflicts of interest must be declared.
Pinpoint Scotland Ltd retains the copyright of any article submitted to the magazine upon author approval of the final proof and publication of the article within the magazine.

  • Pinpoint Scotland Ltd reserve the right to feature any editorial contribution, including photographs, on their current or future websites, digital versions and social media platforms.

Length and details

  • Up to 2,000 words with 4-6 illustrations/photos and up to 20 references.

  • If different from the above, please advise Editorial Co-ordinator.

  • References should be indicated in the text like this [1] and should be listed in the following format: Callear AB, Reynolds A, Harry J, Murray PI. Iris crystals in chronic uveitis. Br J Ophthalmol 1999;83(6):703-6.

  • Take Home Message – short list of the 4-6 most important points from the article.

  • Hot quote from the text.

  • Further reading list and website recommendations (optional).


  • All images should be originals. If images have been reproduced from other publications please inform Editorial Co-ordinator as permission must be sought from the original publishers.
jpg files at 300dpi.

  • Indicate where the picture should be cropped, if necessary.
Label and include a caption.

Biographical information

  • Head & shoulders picture.

  • Biodata (full name, qualifications, post held, institution and any other relevant data).

  • Correspondence address (email and/or post).

Format of Article to be supplied

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