Breast augmentation from a patient perspective

When I was 17 and saw Pamela Anderson on Baywatch I knew I wanted to have breast implants. A plastic surgeon had an office nearby so I went to find out more. The woman who spoke with me was lovely,...

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How I Do It - Non-ablative fractional laser handpiece for skin resurfacing

The development of laser-based aesthetic devices has provided patients with an appealing non-surgical treatment alternative to address clinical aspects of photoageing skin [1]. Many treatments include skin resurfacing of the uppermost skin layers to initiate a skin regeneration process with...

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Dalvi Humzah introduces The PMFA Journal


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Available in print, digital and online formats The PMFA Journal brings together plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery and aesthetic medicine, providing an invaluable forum for the sharing of ideas and information between these varied yet closely linked specialist fields. 


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