How I Do It - X neo-umbilicoplasty

Following an abdominoplasty the umbilicus is repositioned and inset into a new position. When healed it should have a natural appearance and in order to get this outcome it is necessary to understand what is ‘normal’. Several different morphological appearances...

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CO₂ laser treatment for burn scars

Background Scars, of any type, can be a significant source of anxiety and psychological distress, not only for the affected patient, but also for close friends and loved ones. Scars represent focalised areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin...

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Available in both print and digital formats The PMFA Journal brings together plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery and aesthetic medicine, providing an invaluable forum for the sharing of ideas and information between these varied yet closely linked specialist fields.



In conversation with Dr Yannis Alexandrides

We were delighted to chat to Dr Yannis Alexandrides, the American and British board certified Plastic Surgeon, specialising in facial reconstructive surgery. You are internationally renowned in the field of plastic surgery – what made you choose this as a...

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Intraline KOL appointment

Intraline Medical Aesthetics is thrilled to announce the appointment of aesthetic doctors, Dr. Simon Zokaie and Dr. Mark Holmes, as Key Opinion Leaders for the Intraline portfolio of medical aesthetic products.

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