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Old dogs can learn new tricks: the use of an often overlooked treatment modality for pathologically fractured mandibles

Figure 1: Timeline detailing key events in the patient’s treatment. Whilst commonly affecting the feet, spine and hips in adults, osteomyelitis (OM) can also present to the oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) clinic as pathology of the jaws. Case reports...

Corneal neurotisation with an allograft

This is the first reported use of an acellular nerve allograft for corneal neurotisation. Seven patients received a 7cm long commercially prepared acellular nerve allograft. This was coapted to a functioning supratrochlear, supraorbital or infraorbital nerve and then tunnelled to...

Letter from Hong Kong (9 July 2020)

“I see hope in the stars. Take time to look at them.”

Letter from Hong Kong (3 November 2020)

It is seven months since I wrote the first ‘Letter from Hong Kong’. The message then was simple: “Fear is okay, panic is not and wear masks”. It is one month since I wrote the last letter and that message? “Life goes on and will go on no matter what.”

Improving cosmesis after breast implant removal

Removing breast implants has a profound effect on the patient’s appearance; in this article the authors, both expert breast surgeons, discuss how to optimise the cosmetic result. Removing breast implants has a profound effect on the patient’s appearance and we...

Liposuction – the evolution of the classical technique

From liposuction to adipose stem cells; from regenerative medicine to tissue engineering; and a vision of the future. Part 1 The history of attempts to sculpture fat dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, but Professor Yves-Gerard Illouz...

Perceptions and Deceptions: a personal blog by the editor 26 September 2016

As I write this blog the noble few, the bold and brave few, are in the High Court in London presenting arguments to Judge. There is strong legal evidence to support a finding that the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt has...

Letter from Hong Kong (6 January 2022)

So now we are entering the third year of this global pandemic. It is changing, evolving and is bringing out the very best and the very worst in humanity. Science and scientists have had a real bashing, but then who by? Quacks, aardvarks and gobbeldygooks. Looking back is looking forward.

Classification of maxillofacial pain

The patient that presents with oral and facial pain can prove a diagnostic conundrum. Whilst most often dental causes can explain the origin and help from our maxillofacial colleagues is warranted, it is useful to have a system for approaching...

Fractional laser treatment for medical skin diseases

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Letter from Hong Kong (21 April 2020)

The PMFA Journal co-editor Andrew Burd looks at the impact of SARS on plastic surgery in Hong Kong.

Appearance in children with and without single-suture craniosynostosis

A retrospective study was performed of 196 children with single suture craniosynostosis (SSC) and 186 children without. Infants were excluded if premature, major medical or neurological problems, if they had three or more extracranial minor malformations, or major malformations. Control...