This article is a comprehensive but succinct look at the effects of hyposalivation secondary to Sjogren's syndrome in the oral cavity. These publications are divided into dental manifestations, oral mucosal manifestations and other oral manifestations. The authors discuss caries, gingivitis, periodontal disease, fungal infections, oral lesions, burning mouth, neurologic conditions headaches, temporomandibular disorder, dysphagia, dysgeusia, swollen salivary glands and gastro-oesophageal reflux. Each heading is briefly discussed including a relevant paper from the literature. Overall, this is a helpful article which tackles the different complications of Sjogren's syndrome in the oral cavity by looking at a singular cause. Perhaps the most useful aspect of the paper is the box which details those headings which have evidence supporting association with Sjogren's syndrome and those where there is either conflicting evidence or no evidence at all. Although the individual headings are not dealt with in great detail the article is certainly worth the read as a reminder and update on the many oral manifestations of Sjogren's syndrome.

Oral complications of Sjogren’s syndrome.
Napenas J, Rouleau T.
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David Chin Shong

University of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK

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