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Finding the Common Ground

Plastics, Maxillo-Facial surgery and Aesthetics. The potential spectrum of topics, disciplines, procedures and practitioners to involve and interest is vast and presents a great challenge in terms of finding common ground. However, it is our intention that PMFA News will...

Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology - Fourth Edition

The Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology is the fourth edition of this text that aims to act as a reference for cosmetic skin, hair and nail products, and the theory and research behind their design. It brings together 64...

Sweet and sour thoughts from Hong Kong – a preview to my next 'Letter'

The weather was beautiful and there was a holiday atmosphere in the air. Five consecutive days without a new case. The goal is 28 consecutive new-disease-free days.

Rhinoworld Chicago 2019

Report by: Peter Doble II, MD, PhD, Trinity Ear, Nose & Throat PC RhinoWorld 2019 was held in Chicago, 6-9 June 2019. The world’s foremost rhinologists met and discussed emerging concepts, reviewed treatments and proposed concepts over a wonderful five...

British Foundation for International Surgery and Training

Two of the UK’s most innovative Plastic Surgeons, Barbara Jemec and Wee Lam, give a fascinating account of the work of BFIRST overseas and, perhaps most importantly, explain how you can get involved. The British Foundation for International Surgery and...

Letter from Hong Kong (21 April 2020)

The PMFA Journal co-editor Andrew Burd looks at the impact of SARS on plastic surgery in Hong Kong.

Letter from Hong Kong (2 July 2020)

There is an expression about “living through history”. I am not quite sure what it means but I have the inclination that it conveys a sense of being there, of being alive, when the world changes. Dramatically, irrevocably. We have a before, and we have an after, and we are now in the period of transition.

Microtia and Atresia – Combined Approach by Plastic and Otologic Surgery

In this textbook Kaga and Asato, both leading experts in otology and plastic surgery respectively, present over 10 years of their experience in joint reconstructive surgery for microtia and auricular atresia, combining autologous auricular reconstruction with external auricular canaloplasty and...