Plastics, Maxillo-Facial surgery and Aesthetics. The potential spectrum of topics, disciplines, procedures and practitioners to involve and interest is vast and presents a great challenge in terms of finding common ground. However, it is our intention that PMFA News will become a central focus for discussion and debate, education and entertainment, news and comment in a broad field, which crosses professional boundaries and disciplines.  Inevitably the eruptions in the cosmetic / aesthetic / beauty industries worldwide must be addressed, openly and honestly and that is something we can do. But there is so much more to cover when we are looking at the cutting edge nature of Plastic Surgery in terms of transplantation, reconstruction and regeneration; when we look at the science of Maxillo-Facial interventions in terms of techniques, devices and new bio-materials; and Aesthetics – this opens up a world of philosophy, psychology and human endeavor, which touches each and every one of us in some way each day. Controversy is no bad thing but what I do ask is that when opinions are being expressed they should have some backing with data, validated if possible. This is especially important in a world where one of the most common deceptions is the lack of the denominator when quoting figures.  This is very much a concern when trying to objectively assess the ‘turf’ battles in the world of ‘cosmetic interventions’. 

I look forward to seeing how PMFA News will evolve over time in response to the wishes of the readership and sector as a whole. Feedback, good or bad, will be essential to make this publication relevant, readable and responsible; so please take a look and feel free to let us know what you think.

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Andrew Burd (Prof)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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