The Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology is the fourth edition of this text that aims to act as a reference for cosmetic skin, hair and nail products, and the theory and research behind their design. It brings together 64 chapters by a variety of international clinicians and academics. The format of these chapters varies from standard reference, concise review through to the presentation of individual research and data of the authors.

Whilst there are some chapters that are relevant to a general medical readership, such as the biology of the skin, the majority contain specialist information unlikely to be of interest to people outside this small area. The book would also benefit from the addition of colour illustrations.

The Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology will never be an essential text for doctors or surgeons, and at over 700 pages is not a handbook as the title suggests. It does, however, provide a comprehensive and cutting edge review of an expanding area of research and clinical practice.

Many modern clinics provide a variety of cosmetic products alongside aesthetic medical and surgical procedures. For clinicians working in this arena The Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology may provide a valuable reference to areas of this specialty not normally the domain of doctors and surgeons.

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