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Encouraging results on treating thinning hair with PRP

Over the last few years platelet rich plasma (PRP) has made a big splash in the aesthetics world causing much excitement. It has been used for skin rejuvenation, softening lines and wrinkles, as part of an anti-ageing process. With the...

The use of platelet-rich plasma in skin flap grafts

This study was conducted to evaluate the ability of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate angiogenesis following skin flaps graft surgery, and its effect on flap survival rate. The use of PRP to improve the quality of bone regeneration and...

Platelet rich plasma

Claudia McGloin provides an overview of this misunderstood procedure. Platelet rich plasma treatment is commonly known as PRP, Dracula Therapy, Vampire Facial / Facelift, S3, Self-Stimulated Serum, Liquid Gold or Vampire Therapy. Platelet rich plasma has been around for a...
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