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The content of this useful text is presented in a crisp layout with many tables which can be used as aide-memoires. Key points of each chapter are conveniently found at the beginning of the chapter. Sixty-two illustrations are spread throughout the book and readers are also provided with access to an e-book and subsequent website access. A wealth of information lies on the website. The videos are particularly informative and, in my opinion, these add much value to the publication.

A whole chapter is allocated to non-aesthetic applications of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The healing properties could also be used in the aesthetics industry in procedures that carry significant downtime e.g. thread lifts. The authors are honest in revealing areas where studies exist for treatment and report the number of participants in many of the studies. The readers can therefore make up their mind regarding the validity of such studies. The text also contains comparisons between mechanical and manual devices; practical tips regarding the use of mechanised pens are a bonus. Medical conditions (e.g. actinic keratoses and alopecia areata) are addressed. Such information would be useful for dermatologists and general practitioners (dermatological presentations being common in general practice). A chapter is dedicated to skin of colour, a topic often neglected in many studies and publications. This is detailed and provides much information to practitioners dealing mostly with skin types 3-6. The last chapter discusses the latest advance of combining microneedling with radiofrequency (RF). The authors go to great length to compare the efficacy of RF microneedling with other treatment modalities. They include a comparison of machines and skin types more likely to develop complications. A downside of this book is the repetition of information and over detailing of the healing processes and the components of PRP responsible for its actions. This might be off putting for non-postgraduate students and non-dermatologists.

Overall, this publication would be useful to anyone from nurse to physician involved in medical microneedling. I would consider it a wise investment and a good refresher for anyone involved with PRP and microneedling. It contains useful tips and also provides information on downtime for healing and swelling which are questions often asked by patients.

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