Pabau is offering all PMFA readers an exclusive opportunity to use Pabau CRM for free until you reach 50 clients.


Click on the link below to access the Free Trial

This means that you will get free subscription, free training and data migration as part of the package.

Pabau is a clinic management software that collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the Patients’journey, empowering you to achieve great things. It will help you automate the appointment process, help to grow sales and save time by eliminating workflow chaos.

Feature Overview

  • Save time scheduling patients appointments with automated reminders in the Pabau Appointment and Patients' Management app
  • Automated pre-care and after-care emails to ensure a safe and smooth patient experience
  • Go Paperless for all your Consent Forms, Treatment Notes & Medical Records
  • Allow patients to book in while you sleep with Pabau Online Bookings and Patient Portal
  • Take online payments with Stripe and reduce no-shows with Pabau's No-Show protection feature
  • Make the revalidation process easier with Pabau Reporting & Analytics
  • Improve new enquiry conversion and tracking with Pabau Lead Manager
  • Re-engage with your patient list using Pabau's Marketing Features
  • Keep track of your stock levels and inventory with Pabau Stock Management
  • Create and issue digital prescriptions
  • Make your tax return process easier with XER0 integration or by using Pabau Finance Reports



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