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Sinclair is proud to introduce to the aesthetic market Préime DemaFacial: the world’s most advanced aesthetic facial device.

Préime DermaFacial is a smart skin management platform, combining 5 technologies in one device offering personalized and limitless combination treatments


Cleanse & Infuse

Cleanse and gentle exfoliation of the skin, while helping to control the size of enlarged pores. This step prepares the skin and infuses nourishing active ingredients that result in uplifted and hydrated skin for a fresh and youthful look.

Exfoliate & Revive

Exfoliate and revive the skin with bespoke microderma¬brasion combined with the production of countless CO2 bubbles that penetrate the skin to encourage increased blood circulation. The skin will be cleansed and oxygenated, resulting in reenergized skin appearance.

Tighten & Tone

Tighten and tone the skin to support natural collagen and elastin fiber production. This will help to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While firming the skin and muscle, this leaves a youthful look and defined facial contours.

Boost & Rejuvenate

Boost and rejuvenate the skin’ complexion by inducing thermal damage, helping to stimulate skin’s natural abili¬ty to repair itself. It will help to stimulate changes in deep layers of skin allowing it to regenerate and help to create a dense net dermis structure.

Nourish & Moisture

Nourish and moisturise the skin by assisting transdermal absorption of active ingredients. It will help to improve moisture retention, absorption of active ingredients and will contribute to the appearance of healthy skin.




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