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The future and a summary of the past

From liposuction to adipose stem cells; from regenerative medicine to tissue engineering; and a vision of the future. Part 3 Adipose stem cells There is a major clinical need for strategies that adequately reconstruct the soft tissue defects after deep...

Could a technology from the past change skin disinfection for the future?

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to argue that the field of medicine has seen some of the most significant scientific advances of the past 100 years: the cracking of genetic coding, the advances in pharmacology, the development of biopharmaceuticals and the...

The future of energy-based devices: do we have limits?

Victor Gabriel Clatici asks what is the final frontier in dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine?

IMCAS Future tech - NOVEMBER

@14:30 - 15:30, New York time @20:30 - 21:30, Paris tim

IMCAS Future tech

@14:30 - 15:30, New York time @20:30 - 21:30, Paris time

Closed rhinoplasty Serdev techniques

Why is rhinoplasty so important? Facial beauty and harmony are dependent on correct aesthetic angles, volumes and proportions. The complex face is properly divided into three equal parts: forehead, nose, and lower part (where the upper lip forms a ratio...

How I Do It - Otoplasty

Otoplasty techniques to correct ear prominence can be broadly divided in two categories. Suturing techniques and scoring or weakening techniques. Suturing is the approach we prefer, due to more predictable results and less occurrence of non-correctable complications. Suturing techniques involve...

How I Do It - Neck rejuvenation utilising Silhouette 
Soft sutures

The mainstay of neck rejuvenation has relied on conventional surgical procedures. In recent years, other non-invasive options have replaced these techniques. One of these developments is the use of suspension threads, starting around 15 years ago utilising barbed sutures, then...

How I Do It - Treating the ageing neck with Ellevate™ plus

The ageing and sagging neck cannot always be successfully corrected using standard facelift techniques, even those that include extensive SMAS lift [1]. Adjuncts to treatment can include liposuction, radiofrequency or similar skin tightening procedures, open or closed platysmaplasty, extensive SMAS...