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As acne affects 742 million patients daily, an alarming 48% are unsatisfied with their current acne treatment [1,2]. But the landscape is changing with AviClear® by Cutera®, the first and original FDA-cleared energy-based device for the long-term treatment of mild, moderate, and severe acne.

AviClear is powered by a 1726nm wavelength laser that targets sebaceous glands and suppresses sebum production. The treatment is effective and safe for all skin tones and Fitzpatrick skin types, and is completed with three, 30-minute treatments that are performed about one month apart. It effectively treats all severities and forms of acne including hormonal, cystic and inflammatory. By targeting acne at its source, AviClear helps patients enjoy long-term results and clearer skin without the need for prescription medications [3].

As dermatologists and practitioners well know, the current, traditional acne treatment protocols can be bothersome and frustrating for many patients. Antibiotics may work, but acne often returns once they are no longer taken. Retinoids and other topical prescription medications may effectively treat acne but rely on patient compliance. Isotretinoin is often used when all other treatments have failed, but common side effects like dry skin, rash, irritation, and an increase in the risk of birth defects often leads to patient resistance. AviClear was created to help patients avoid these issues by providing a new solution for acne; something that hasn’t been done in decades.

Clinical trials have been positive with most patients reporting fewer, shorter, and less intense acne breakouts following AviClear treatment [4]. As seen in clinical trials, results are just as impressive, as 80% of patients saw half their acne resolved three months after their final treatment, 87% reported that half their acne resolved six months after their final treatment and 92% of patients saw at least half their acne resolved at 12 months after their final treatment. Finally, long-term data showed progressive improvement for 24 months after the final treatment with a 97% reduction in ILC (inflammatory lesion count) [5].

While most patients are reporting visible improvement soon after final treatment session, treatment results continue to improve overtime. In addition to results, AviClear’s AviCool sapphire contact skin cooling ensures a tolerable patient experience. This winning combination positions AviClear in the spotlight as the first new innovative and effective acne treatment in over 40 years.

AviClear is quickly becoming the new gold standard for acne treatment as dermatologists are reporting that results are promising, and often comparable to those of isotretinoin, but without the issues. There is no downtime, no blood tests, no prescriptions. AviClear has changed the face of acne treatments as forward-thinking dermatologists and practitioners are seeing that the answer is clear. AviClear is becoming a leading acne treatment choice of providers and patients alike. By treating mild to severe acne and meeting patient demand for treatments that are convenient, easy, and safe, providers are truly escorting the future right into their offices.


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A safe and effective solution for acne vulgaris.



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