COVID-19: plastic surgeons on the front line

riting, I am now halfway through my second set of 12-hour shifts on our COVID admitting ward. As this crisis loomed, our hospital shut down elective services and drafted in all staff to support the expected surge of ill patients....

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Gross Negligence Manslaughter in Healthcare: The medico-legal dilemma (part 4)

I want to return to the case of Dr Mak, who was, from the available evidence, caught up in a miscarriage of justice that arose because of a lack of effective interprofessional communication in the legal process.

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  • 14 June 2021 is the day in the Chinese calendar to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. These local holidays are a reminder of the deep cultural heritage enjoyed by the Chinese people.
  • In Volume 1, Issue 1 of this journal I wrote an article entitled: ‘From PIP to DC-CIK to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice: a medico-political minefield’. Little did I know or anticipate what a mess this was going to become: a medico-legal mess with ignorant lawyers and arrogant doctors demonstrating how stupidity and rapacious hypocrisy can twist and distort reality for the purposes of extracting a bizarre social revenge with little sense of justice.
  • On the 8 December 2020, Justice Judianna Barnes sentenced Dr Mak Wan-ling to three and a half years in prison. The charge for which she was found guilty was gross negligence manslaughter (GNM). She had injected a contaminated blood sample into a patient and the patient had died. The conviction was fundamentally flawed.
  • Blindness following filler injections is a devastating complication for the patient and the practitioner.


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