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Gross Negligence Manslaughter in Healthcare: The medico-legal dilemma (part 16) – Aggravating factors

The Judge just cannot say, “Lee’s airway and oxygenation were not established or maintained”. This is nonsensical from the perspective of a person trained in medicine. Even more senseless from a person who is not. If Lee’s airway was not established and maintained, how did Lee survive a three-hour operation, albeit in the prone position and without developing any signs of cyanosis?

Encouraging results on treating thinning hair with PRP

Over the last few years platelet rich plasma (PRP) has made a big splash in the aesthetics world causing much excitement. It has been used for skin rejuvenation, softening lines and wrinkles, as part of an anti-ageing process. With the...

Intraline KOL appointment

Intraline Medical Aesthetics is thrilled to announce the appointment of aesthetic doctors, Dr. Simon Zokaie and Dr. Mark Holmes, as Key Opinion Leaders for the Intraline portfolio of medical aesthetic products.

Cosmetic Surgery Certification Scheme – looking into the future of regulation, quality and safety in cosmetic practice

With plans underway to extend the cosmetic surgery certification scheme to all surgeons performing cosmetic surgery, we share the views of the RCS, BAAPS and BAPRAS. The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) along with its partners in the Surgical Specialty...

Melanoma skin cancer: how can we improve early detection in the UK?

With melanoma rates increasing globally, should there be screening of high-risk groups? Stephen Hayes takes a look at how Australia has reduced its melanoma mortality and asks whether a similar model should be adopted elsewhere. In Britain, some 16,000 new...

Hello and goodbye: changes to The PMFA Journal Editorial Board

The PMFA Journal team are delighted to welcome three new Specialist Advisors to our Editorial Board, each of whom will broaden our expertise and offer new perspectives to the Journal.

First UK doctor dies due to Covid-19

An ear, nose and throat consultant has become the first UK doctor confirmed to have died of coronavirus.

Skin-An Evidence Based Approach

The basis for this independent learning is firmly rooted in the continual need for registered medical professionals to be able to access affordable high-quality evidence & peer-reviewed educational content about skin.

Focus: Opinions on regulation

Dalvi Humzah Regulation in the aesthetics industry In this issue we have invited commentaries on regulation within aesthetics, in particular the voluntary register set up by the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP). Many medical practitioners are concerned regarding the...

The importance of nitric oxide in medicine

The harmful effects exerted upon living and injured tissues by free radicals have been explored since the 1980s. Now in 2021 the free radical nitric oxide (NO) is not just a figment of imagination; it is known as one of...

Editor’s reaction to acid attacks in London

As I travelled to work to day I heard on the radio that there had been five separate “acid attacks” in London last night. It appears that these were all perpetrated by the same assailants and the motivation for the...

Factors affecting the success of canalicular repairs

This is a 10-year retrospective review of 137 canalicular laceration repairs, looking for factors which affected the outcome. A successful outcome was defined as no epiphora at three months or more after removal of the stent. Overall the success rate...