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Glow like a queen

Dr Vincent Wong explains why skin health is particularly important when it comes to treating drag queens and how to help them glow. In an era of gender fluidity, facial masculinisation and feminisation treatments are rising in popularity. As we...

The gender affirmation surgery MDT

The authors provide a comprehensive and thought-provoking discussion of the multidisciplinary nature of caring for someone undergoing gender reassignment surgery. In the last 50 years in the UK an estimated 130,000 people have changed their gender assigned at birth (assigned...

Serving face

(Note: Serving face / giving face is a term used commonly by drag performers. It refers to the face you make as you pose for a photograph.) Dr Vincent Wong showcases the art and science of transforming drag queens into...

Hello and goodbye: changes to The PMFA Journal Editorial Board

The PMFA Journal team are delighted to welcome three new Specialist Advisors to our Editorial Board, each of whom will broaden our expertise and offer new perspectives to the Journal.