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Endoscopic brow lift in the course of time

The authors present a systematic review on the advantages and disadvantages of various brow-lifting techniques. They present their decision algorithm for closed versus opened approach, including potential complications and their management in general. After a detailed description of the endoscopic...

Complications and long-term patient satisfaction after endoscopic brow lift

The authors present the results of a study of recovery, complications and overall satisfaction of patients with endoscopic brow lift with or without concurrent rhytidectomy made by a single surgeon. The study was performed through a telephonic interview using a...

The Dallas Rhinoplasty and Dallas Cosmetic Surgery Dissection Guide

Although this is the book review section, the first thing to note is that the book isn’t the main event here. This publication is a video and photograph dissection guide, produced from the world-renowned Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Course....

The truth behind facelift myths

As the number of non-surgical options to treat the ageing face has increased in recent years, so have the number of myths about facelift surgery. This article, from two expert facial plastic surgeons from Stanford Hospital in California, provides the...

How I Do It - Non-surgical approach to facial palsy – a preliminary case report

In October 2013, a female patient presented for an initial consultation. She had a past medical history of left lower seventh (facial) nerve palsy following excision of left benign parotid adenoma in 2002. This had been treated over the years,...

CMed Aesthetics event in São Paulo, Brazil

During the event, the participants assisted to live demonstrations and were involved in hands-on training sessions.

Pisa event: CMed Aesthetics

CMed Aesthetics Srl (@cmedaesthetics) is an innovative company operating in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and plastic surgery

Anti-age Flawless International Conference in Georgia.

Cosmetic Group, from Ukraine, and MMM Aesthetic Center, from Georgia, are the official partners of CMed Aesthetics and organized the ANTI-AGE FLAWLESS International Conference in Georgia on the 28th of June 2023.