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Although this is the book review section, the first thing to note is that the book isn’t the main event here. This publication is a video and photograph dissection guide, produced from the world-renowned Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Course. Exquisitely shot videos and photographs are combined with detailed and concise anatomical illustrations to clarify technical steps. It covers the topics of facelift, necklift, blepharoplasty and browlift with a focus on rhinoplasty.

A comprehensive 30-minute open rhinoplasty video is the star of the show, every key step explained with technical tips and tricks to ensure optimal results. Although this is excellent, it lacks content on secondary rhinoplasty or the nuance of rhinoplasty on different ethnic groups. Perhaps this is beyond the scope of the publication but the addition would provide a more useful guide for those already au fait with primary rhinoplasty.

The other surgical procedures are covered in much less detail but still with sufficient footage and commentary to ensure understanding. Each procedure has accompanying text and photographs in the booklet that complement the video and cement key messages. Again, despite the usefulness of the videos they do not cover every patient presentation so caution must be taken not to prescribe treatment without thorough understanding of the variety of surgical approaches one can utilise.

Overall, I think this publication is an extremely useful addition to the literature although it is relatively expensive, given the wealth of complementary resources available on the internet. It is incredibly difficult to film facial aesthetic surgery procedures with adequate precision, but it has been achieved here with great success providing a fantastic visual resource for surgeons seeking technical guidance. Videos and photographs will never replace cadaveric dissection, but this publication succeeds its goal of bringing complex anatomical dissections to life which, with current global course restrictions, is invaluable.

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