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HA dermal filler with lidocaine: initial clinical outcomes

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural occurring body polysaccharide essential for various body functions, present in connective tissues, skin, vitreous humour of eye, extracellular matrix, synovial fluid, etc [1].It was first isolated in bovine vitreous by Mayer and Palmer in...

Retrobulbar hyaluronidase

Blindness following filler injections is a devastating complication for the patient and the practitioner.

Controlled trauma technique when injecting HA dermal fillers

The author presents an interesting discussion regarding the potential for enhanced neocollagenesis through a patented ArqueDerma® dermal filler technique. A thorough overview is conveyed of the dermal collagen matrix, including the characteristics of type I and type III collagen. The...