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MD/PhDs or MD/MBAs: which do we need more to innovate in plastic surgery?

I would like to thank Arlen Meyers and Victor Castro for submitting this article. One of the problems that I have seen in my professional lifetime is the failure of entrepreneurs to grasp that there is no infinite health care...

Merz Aesthetics® announces collaboration with Aesthetic Entrepreneurs® and launches The Business Accelerator Programme

Merz Aesthetics® have announced an exciting collaboration with Aesthetic Entrepreneurs®, experts in building successful aesthetic brands and elevating businesses to new heights.

Plastic surgery and safety issues: a patient perspective

Patient safety in the unregulated world of cosmetic plastic surgery is now an extremely serious global issue. The media is always ready to sensationalise disasters but what can be done to prevent them? One key issue is the concept of...

In conversation with Rachna Murthy

We were delighted to catch up with Rachna Murthy, renowned Oculoplastic Surgeon, about her career and plans for the future. You are internationally recognised in the field of oculoplastic surgery – what led you into this specialty? Eyes are arresting...

Letter from Hong Kong (8 May 2020)

The latest 'letter' from our man in Hong Kong, The PMFA Journal Co-editor Andrew Burd.

Masculinisation of the male face – ‘power-face’ surgery

What do men want when seeking facial improvement? Authors from the world-renowned European Face Centre explore the modern approach to ‘power-face’ surgery. A growing number of men are seeking the ‘ideal face’ for physical and psycho-social reasons. Orthofacial surgery aims...

The day to day running of an aesthetics clinic

With the booming aesthetics industry expected to continue growing at the rate of 10% per year, the move into setting up and running your own aesthetics clinic may seem increasingly tempting. PMFA News’ very own Victoria Smith takes you through...

In conversation with Cameron McIntosh

We were delighted to catch up with Cameron McIntosh, ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon and Founding President of the Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons of South Africa (SORSSA). Can you tell us a little bit about what led you into the...

COVID-19: How the plastic surgery specialty is responding

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, what happens when there is no work? We present viewpoints from various plastic surgeons faced with the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. The members of the Cosmetic Surgery Forum...

Want to do exciting entrepreneurial research? – ask the space scientists

Advances in medical technology have improved the quality of life for people around the globe and contributed towards a general increase in life expectancy. Much of this can be attributed to a synthesis between the experience of medical professionals and...

Gross Negligence Manslaughter in Healthcare: The medico-legal dilemma (part 14) – Records of necessary information: Drugs Administered and the physiological response of the patient

It is the system that places the Judge as an interpreter of “truths” and sadly, susceptible to false information.

Letter from Hong Kong (21 April 2020)

The PMFA Journal co-editor Andrew Burd looks at the impact of SARS on plastic surgery in Hong Kong.
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