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CAPSCO survey

Following the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown, the NHS capacity has been overwhelmed this year. As a result, all private corporate hospitals were contracted by the government to support the NHS. Aesthetic plastic patients are given ‘low’ priority under...

Letter from Hong Kong (1 October 2020)

Today is National Day in Hong Kong. A celebration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on 1 October 1949.

Is patient masking leading to an increase in post-op infection after eyelid surgery?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of facemasks or face coverings in the clinical setting has become necessary. It is important to recognise that facemasks can be a source of infection after eye surgery and consider ways to minimise...

Easter Weekend sees the start of Innovia Face Visor production

Innovia Medical Group has announced that production of its Innovia Face Visor is now underway.

Comment from Brian Newman – the ethical dilemma

Plastic Surgeon Brian Newman asks whether aesthetic procedures should go ahead while there is no coronavirus vaccine.

Integrating lifestyle factors into aesthetic practice

The COVID-19 pandemic will long be remembered as the most significant global disaster of recent times. As its effects have been observed and investigated there has been an increased focus and attention drawn to lifestyle and how this can impact...

In conversation with Dr Emanuele Bartoletti (2020)

We were delighted to catch up with Dr Emanuele Bartoletti, President of Società Italiana di Medicina Estetica (SIME) about his background, the society and the challenges of COVID-19. Dr Emanuele Bartoletti. You have been involved in plastic surgery and aesthetic...

In conversation with Dr Uliana Gout

We recently caught up with Dr Uliana Gout, re-elected President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM), about the College’s 20th anniversary year, its plans for 2022 and how it has supported members throughout the pandemic. Are you enjoying...

Letter from Hong Kong (6 January 2022)

So now we are entering the third year of this global pandemic. It is changing, evolving and is bringing out the very best and the very worst in humanity. Science and scientists have had a real bashing, but then who by? Quacks, aardvarks and gobbeldygooks. Looking back is looking forward.

Letter from Hong Kong (17 August 2020)

So much can change in just a few weeks. In Hong Kong after three weeks with no new cases we started to see a third wave in mid-July. More and more cases with no obvious source.

Letter from Hong Kong (17 December 2020)

This will be the last ‘Letter from Hong Kong’. I began back in April with a simple message, wear masks.

An update from SIME

Since its founding in 1975 SIME (the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine) has always set goals revolving around research, study and the acquisition of knowledge in regards to aesthetic medicine. This includes ensuring the sharing of information with its members,...