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Since its founding in 1975 SIME (the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine) has always set goals revolving around research, study and the acquisition of knowledge in regards to aesthetic medicine. This includes ensuring the sharing of information with its members, keeping them up to date on any news in the field.

Throughout the years, the association has adapted to changes brought about by the passing of time, following the evolving demands of aesthetic medicine patients, and trying to support them with a high level of dedication and preparation. This has all been even more necessary in the complex historical moment brought on by COVID-19.

SIME has therefore done its best to try and support its members since the start of the pandemic, both on a scientific and on a practical level. Shortly after the spread of the pandemic in Italy, a page was added to the official website of the Association, dedicated to the gathering of articles discussing any updates on COVID-19. The articles, constantly reviewed and updated, were selected from both cited scientific journals, news portals and institutional channels.

From a practical point of view, individual doctors were aided in their adaption to this period through helpful tools (masks, sanitisation, ozonisers, etc.), especially during the first months of the pandemic when obtaining the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) proved to be more challenging.

The first big decision which had to made was regarding our annual congress which was due to be held in May of 2020, in Rome. Because of the termination of on-site events, which led to the face-to-face exchange of scientific updates to be absent for a whole year, the Board of Directors bravely decided to make the congress occur in the only way possible, therefore creating an online platform which allowed members to participate digitally. With the aim of aiding, not only the members, but all aesthetic doctors in this period, the platform was available for a total of four months and could be accessed free of charge. This digital element has continued, even after restrictions have eased, and was used alongside the 2021 live event, to give all the participants that couldn’t attend in person a chance to watch and participate remotely.

Furthermore, we decided to initiate other digital elements for the exchange of scientific updates and more, starting up numerous webinars for members, dedicated to all the main topics of aesthetic medicine. Other themes such as marketing, communication, cybersecurity, etc. were also discussed.

SIME also supports its members in their clinical practice and guarantees multiple benefits, through a variety of resources and connections set in place with partner associations in multiple aspects of interest for the doctor.

Among these advantages, perhaps the most important and strongly supported by the Board of Directors, is the digital medical record, fully customisable by each member. This utilises a software specifically created for the discipline that can be considered essential for the correct management of patients, in compliance with the high standards of the SIME aesthetic doctor.

The medical record can contain all the data relating to a patient, including visits, treatments and follow-up. It also contains the SIME cosmetic dossier (a list of most pharmacy-bought cosmetics divided by skin biotype and function), which allows members to draw up a thorough and personalised cosmetic programme, which is an integral part of a wider maintenance and correction plan.

Twice a year, SIME distributes the Aesthetic Magazine, a scientific, bibliographic and institutional update, to all its members, also giving them the opportunity to contribute to the editorial and thus share their experiences.




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