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In conversation with Vishal Madan, BMLA President

Vishal Madan is the President of the British Medical Laser Association. He spoke to Christopher Henson at the BMLA’s annual conference in Edinburgh about the event’s take home message, dermatological aestheticism and the potential for a multidisciplinary approach. What was...

BMLA 2021 Virtual Conference

Globe trotter: Vasant Oswal launches memoir

Vasant Oswal was brought up in an era when public transport in India relied on horses. From humble beginnings in Pune in the western state of Maharashtra, he went on to become a pioneer in laser surgery in the larynx. He would also receive a Fellowship by Election at the Royal College of Surgeons, not to mention serving as Editor in Chief of ENT and Audiology News.

Why I don’t trust the BMA – and why it matters – 24 January 2017

Editors Note: This is a guest blog from Ankush Dhariwal. It is a personal opinion and posting it on the PMFA News website is not an endorsement of the opinions. However, for those working in the NHS, and in the...

The New Doctors Contract NHS England – a brief summary

This is intended to provide a quick summary of recent events, an outline of the current problems, including the contract, and whistle-blowing, and what we can do to address them. BackgroundIn November 2015, after a new contract was proposed, 98%...

Dalvi Humzah nominated for BMA Private Practice Committee

Co-editor of The PMFA Journal, Dalvi Humzah, has been nominated to join the BMA Private Practice Committee.

How I Do It - Skin tightening: Profound

Areas of skin laxity are a concern to many patients. A decline in collagen and elastin production arising from chronological or environmental ageing often presents as sagging skin on the face, neck or body, and patients frequently enquire about availability...

How I Do It - Non-surgical blepharoplasty using Plasma Elite® technology

What is plasma? Plasma is produced when an electrical energy is charged or overheated, leading to a dissociation of molecular bonds and the production of a plasma arc. The arc delivers energy to the cell membrane, causing sublimation, changing a...

How I Do It - Treating multiple skin concerns with less down-time

As a speciality, we are constantly striving to achieve better results with less risk and down-time. It is not unusual for us to see patients who want to treat multiple skin concerns such as acne scarring, pigmentation, laxity and rhytids...
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