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Merz Aesthetics® have announced an exciting collaboration with Aesthetic Entrepreneurs®, experts in building successful aesthetic brands and elevating businesses to new heights.

With a long history of empowering healthcare professionals to live every day with confidence, Merz Aesthetics® are committed to developing a greater understanding of the business needs of emerging talent and in turn building successful businesses by inspiring the people behind them.
Merz and Aesthetic Entrepreneurs® are launching a new mentorship platform, The Business Accelerator Programme, which aims to support aesthetic practitioners by investing in dedicated training, coaching and mentorship to create the next generation of aesthetic leaders. Driven by a combination of live workshops, online content and courses, the programme delivers continuous learning and development alongside consistent feedback and evaluation that will ultimately empower practitioners and give them the belief and skills to achieve their goals.

Richard Crawford-Small, founder of Aesthetic Entrepreneurs® and Rick O’Neill, Aesthetic Entrepreneurs® Strategic Partner, said: “We are incredibly excited to be working with Merz Aesthetics® UK & Ireland. We have a shared vision, to work together to shape the future of aesthetic medicine, and build ethical, profitable businesses. This programme enables aesthetic practitioners to widen their skill set commercially, personally and professionally. We’re focusing initially on businesses that have had a few years in the market, share our vision and values and recognise they need some support. Often these businesses are a little overwhelmed, but want rapid growth and are committed to achieving success. The Merz Aesthetics® Business Accelerator Programme will help them achieve this.”

Gillian Kennedy, Merz Aesthetics® UK & Ireland Country Manager, said: “The team are delighted to be working with Aesthetic Entrepreneurs® to help practitioners develop the skills, expertise, and awareness to cope in an increasingly complex landscape. The last 18 months has highlighted the need for structured business education, amplified by the number of challenges clinics face today. The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs® team are passionate about business transformation as they have seen first-hand the positive impact it has on individual businesses and peoples’ lives.”

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