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100 Hand Cases

As the synopsis suggests, 100 Hand Cases “provides a clinical write-up of 100 typical cases from two globally recognised authorities who cross over between plastic surgery and orthopaedics, the two specialties dedicated to training hand surgeons.” This is actually a...

Surgical-Art Hand Trauma


Wide Awake Hand Surgery

For many years now, Donald Lalonde has been an advocate for the use of performing hand surgery in the awake patient without the use of a painful tourniquet. Also known as wide awake local anaesthesia no tourniquet (WALANT) this book...

Plastic Surgery Volume 6: Hand and Upper Extremity

This is the last of this six-volume textbook, which provides an almost comprehensive coverage of the entire spectrum of hand and upper limb conditions. This remains a formidable task, as evidenced by other more extensive hand surgery textbooks that are...

St Thomas' Cadaveric Hand Trauma Course

Course Directors: Mr Jamil Ahmed FRCS (Plast) and Mr Sam Gidwani FRCS (Ortho)

Hand Fracture Fixation Course (2-3 Dec 2017)


Hand Fracture Fixation Course (16-17 Sep 2017)


How I Do It - Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in the hand: addressing the cosmetic and functional deficit using joint replacements

In his work Orthopaedia Nicholas Andry was one of the first to define the ideal hand, in terms of ideal proportions and appearance [1]. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, erosive inflammatory arthritis thought to affect approximately 1% of the...

How I Do It - Dorsal hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers: anatomical knowledge is essential

A youthful dorsal hand is characterised by a supple, smooth skin texture and contour, with minimal prominence of the dorsal veins. Over time, extrinsic (e.g. sun damage and smoking) and intrinsic (bone remodelling and soft tissue volume changes owing to...