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Breast reduction in the older woman

Breast reduction (bilateral breast reduction or BBR) is an operation to reduce the size of the breasts, helping to improve the shape of the breasts and lifting the nipples to an appropriately higher position. Some women have difficulty with their...

How I Do It - Breast uplifts: how I do a mastopexy (or breast reduction) with or without implants

Summary and introduction A mastopexy is a breast uplift surgical procedure. It derives from the Greek for breast (mastos, meaning breast) and uplift (from the Greek pexis, meaning fixation). When we perform a mastopexy, we can perform the procedure on...

Innovia UK Increases Production Space

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve day by day, and at the Innovia Group we recognise the importance of acting quickly and evolving our business to meet these changes.