Hyperpigmentation is a challenging, multifactorial and complex skin disorder affecting many individuals. The techniques and products described are based upon the author’s own clinical experience in treating hyperpigmentation and emphasises the importance of seeking specialist advice during a face to face consultation with a suitably qualified medical practitioner. The author underlines the need for a thorough assessment to establish which previous therapies have been used. This is very important as many individuals who have been diagnosed with hyperpigmentation have often tried a number of therapies, often unlicensed or purchased online which may have devastating and long lasting effects. For treatment, the author stresses the importance of using high quality,licensed products.The article did not address other underlying causes and triggers of hyperpigmentation, or the maintenance treatments that are often required to manage the condition long-term. The author does discuss the benefits of combination-based therapies, such as retinol, hydroquinone and ND: Yag laser, which are often necessary in moderate / severe presentations but does not address which therapies may be suitable for long-term management, which are often required. Discussing hyperpigmentation as a dual diagnosis occurring with other dermatological conditions, along with recommended strategies for treatment, may have provided more detail and insight. The author does allude to the importance of informing patients about product ingredients and skin health to facilitate safe product choices and seek specialist advice from registered medical professionals.

Using the right products for hyperpigmentation?
Sibley L.
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