An interesting oversight of a specialised area of aesthetic medicine concerning hair removal for male-to-female transgender individuals. The author discusses the definition of ‘transgender’ with reference to The Gender Identity Research and Education Society, to guide aesthetic nurses to this resource for definitions and terminology. Detailed guidance is conveyed surrounding the consultation, with emphasis placed on the importance of the initial meeting to establish a trust between the clinician and patient, as well as offering confidential and impartial advice if required. The author recommends electrolysis, laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) as the most effective treatment options, suggesting laser or IPL be commenced initially, followed by electrolysis for permanent removal of remaining hair, which may be particularly beneficial for transgender patients. Further discussion around settings and parameters for facial hair removal using both laser and IPL, may have complemented the discussion on treatment planning. 

Treating individuals who identify as transgender: holistic care and hair removal.
Ashworth H.
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Anna Baker

BJN Aesthetic Nurse of the Year 2016.

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