In this excellent issue of the Clinics in Plastic Surgery the topic of neck lifting is discussed. This covers the assessment, non-surgical management, minimally invasive techniques and open techniques. This invited paper looks into the authors’ experience of suture suspension platysmaplasty over 20 years, and reports on their assessment and progressive refinements. They discuss the anatomic points to correct for neck rejuvenation. These are the cervicomental angle definition, mandibular border definition, mandibular angle definition, labiomandibular fold prominence (‘jowls’), mental (chin) prominence, anterior neck width. Each aspect is discussed and surgical technique and tips both documented and illustrated. Postoperative care and potential complications are given, but there is no documentation of numbers or percentages. The authors have undoubtedly contributed to the knowledge of neck rejuvenation, and have been one of the forebears of the i-Guide. 

Neck rejuvenation with suture suspension platysmaplasty technique. A minimally invasive neck lift technique that addresses all patients’ anatomic needs.
Giampapa VC, Mesa JM.
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