Reconstruction of the nasal tip following ablative surgery can be taxing. The nasal tip is a very visible area with largely immovable skin and reconstruction needs an appreciation of the various sub-units to achieve best results. The traditional superiorly based and the lateral bilobed flap, among others, is a good and acceptable method to repair this defect. This is a paper that describes a double-half bilobe flap. It has the advantage of reconstructing the nasal tip without any asymmetry by recruiting equivalent amount of tissues from both sides. This is a retrospective analysis of a group of 17 patients compared with a control group of 65 patients that had the more traditional bilobe reconstruction. They looked at infection, symmetry, scarring, reoperation, etc. They conclude the double half bilobe flap to be of equivalent value in the reconstruction of the nasal tip. This paper is interesting as this is a relatively new flap and can be added to the facial surgeon’s armamentarium. Fairly well-written and easy to understand it does make the case to learn this new flap.

A comparison of the double-half bilobed flap to the traditional bilobe flap. Cohort analysis of a single surgeon experience.
Baird BJ, Moubayed SP, Most SP.
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Sunil K Bhatia

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Shrewsbury, UK.

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