A highly relevant discussion on the many facets of photoageing, with a sound overview of different UV rays, supported by clear diagrams showing the penetration depth of different light wavelengths. The composition and some of the myths surrounding physical and chemical sunscreens are explored, in conjunction with a detailed, referenced description of infrared protection, including the mechanism for triggering destructive components of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activity. Sunscreen labelling, application, reapplication, safety and controversy issues are conveyed in detail, supported by referenced national guidelines. The article may have benefitted from some discussion around the vitamin D evidence and debate, as this links very closely to the author’s topic. Equally the current National Institute of Health & Care Excellence (NICE) guidance specific to sun exposure: risks and benefits may have given more detail to the reader. This is a subject of key importance to aesthetic nurses, in conjunction with the wider issues surrounding skin cancer and patient education in taking measures to maintain overall skin health.

Sunscreens and their properties for skin protection from solar radiation.
Kaur B.
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Anna Baker

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