The author gives a brief outline of the key functions of skin with a rationale for why sun care and protection is so important, which is referenced with current guidelines relating to sun exposure and vitamin D. The risks of different types of UV radiation are described, as well as individuals ‘at risk.’ The author describes practical measures of sun protection, how and when to apply SPF, as well as eye protection measures. Important factors in selection of an appropriate sunscreen are identified, reinforcing the significance of star rating and broad spectrum creams, as well as formulations characteristic of EU compliance standards. The author critiques the evidence behind SPFs which are designed to be applied once a day and acknowledges the challenge between encouraging patients to seek adequate exposure to sunlight for vitamin D synthesis, without causing detrimental effects. This piece has many salient points surrounding sunlight, UVA/UVB exposure in relation to current guidelines to reinforce awareness for aesthetic nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

Sun protection is essential to prevent skin cancer and premature ageing.
Haswell N.
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Anna Baker

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