The paper is a retrospective study of the changes on the lateral canthal area following endoscopic forehead-midface-lift in a series of 40 patients operated by the same surgeon. Four different parameters (horizontal width, vertical height, palpebral fissure width and angle between medial and lateral canthi) were measured in preoperative and in 10 to 19-month postoperative frontal photos of patients; a statistical analysis was carried out using the data of the 40 left eyes and the 40 right eyes. The result showed no statistical changes in any of the four designated parameters. Preservation from subperiosteal dissection of a 2cm area around the lateral canthus is deemed the key point in the avoidance of lateral canthal distortion following surgery. This paper beautifully demonstrates the safety of endoscopic forehead-midface-lift regarding the anatomy and appearance of the lateral canthus. Although postoperative short-term results may show a clear distortion of this anatomic area, restoration to normality in a few months is the rule. 

A quantitative analysis of lateral canthal position following endoscopic forehead-midface–lift surgery.
Kolstad CK, Quatela VC.
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Eduardo Morera Serna

Hospital Universitario Son Espases, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

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