A thought-provoking piece in which the author draws the reader’s attention to the importance of adequate skin cleansing. Injectables products and devices are sterile and single-use, it may be assumed that the greatest risk of infection comes from poor and aseptic technique, with emphasis placed on the importance of independent practitioners adopting a supportive infection control protocol in place to serve as evidence should a claim arise. A review of the current literature is discussed, both in terms of skin cleansing and disinfection, prior and post non-surgical injectable treatments. In view of the available evidence, the author concludes that this is focused to intradermal, intramuscular and subcutaneous administration of medicines, acknowledging the lack of data to indicate a clear rationale for a regimen to guide the non-surgical practitioner. The message is poignant; in the absence of a definitive evidence base, the clinician is advised to take all reasonable steps to reduce risk of infection from poor aseptic technique.

Skin cleansing in aesthetic practice: what evidence is there to justify it?
Davies E.
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Anna Baker

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