Fifty-five patients undergoing body contouring surgery over three years is an experience worth sharing and the photographs show excellent results, with which most patients were delighted. One of the postoperative photographs shows that a patient had a decorative tattoo performed on her flank after the operation, which she surely would not have done before the operation, nor if she was dissatisfied! Almost all of them would be prepared to undergo the procedure again. The operation was performed in two parts, an abdominoplasty and a gluteal autologous fat island flap used as a buttock enhancer in all patients. Nevertheless, the authors admit to a high complication rate (40%), of which 21% were major. Preoperative counselling was carried out assiduously – it would be interesting to know how many prospective patients decided not to proceed with the operation following this!

Satisfaction and complications after lower body lift with autologous gluteal augmentation by island fat flap: 55 case series over 3 years.
De Runz A, Brix M, Gisquet H, et al.
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