An interesting discussion on the evidence surrounding nutraceuticals. The author describes nutracosmetics to be one of the fastest growing subsections of the nutraceutical industry.  A comprehensive analysis of topical and dietary antioxidant protection is conveyed with conclusive evidence to demonstrate efficacy of oral vitamin E. Discussion on vitamin E dose parameters would have been useful for the reader. UV-induced erythema is described as a suitable parameter to assess the photoprotection potential of micronutrient supplementation. Topical roles of vitamin C are summarised, with the author concluding that daily dosing of 1g is required for optimal nutrition. Vitamin A is briefly alluded to, yet further discussion on one of the most widely used ingredients in aesthetic medicine may have been beneficial. The paper is useful guidance for aesthetic nurses in assessing the efficacy of nutraceutical products, encouraging practitioners to assess the quality of the supporting research, to develop an awareness of the bioavailability of the form, and if nutrients will reach their desired destination. The overriding message for practitioners is clear: nutraceutical supplements need to be carefully selected based upon sound scientific research and manufacturers’ quality standards.

Nutraceuticals and skin health: what are the key benefits and protective properties?
Pearson K.
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