The article forms part of a series as a detailed discussion of the legal and professional considerations and boundaries for non-medical prescribing for aesthetic nurses. The history of nurse-prescribing is explored, highlighting the professional accountability outlined by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and national prescribing legislation from the Department of Health. Some interesting prescribing paradigms are discussed in the context of primary care, whereby similar prescribing scenarios are encountered, akin to aesthetic prescribing contexts. A clear and referenced definition is outlined for non-medical prescribing, including supplementary and independent prescribing, as well as the type of health professionals eligible to gain these additional post-graduate qualifications. The poignant message resonates from the authors throughout the piece; non-medical prescribing brings not only greater autonomy, but greater professional responsibility - an important sentiment for aesthetic nurses. 

Non-medical prescribing within the context of aesthetic practice.
Mather L, Maw G.
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Anna Baker

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