This brief article by Stephen S Park presents his modified technique for nasal reconstruction, based on a single-stage forehead flap. The author presents this method as an alternative to a multiple staged interpolated forehead flap and discusses its advantages and difficulties. Although a promising concept, the limited indications, as well as the contraindications, are clearly outlined. Evidence of small vessel disease is a contraindication and the technique is limited to defects to the upper two-thirds of the nose. The author stresses the importance of choosing appropriate candidates for this procedure. He also describes another quite obvious technique for reconstruction of dorsal nasal defects. In this, after extensive undermining and bilateral local advancement flap design a full-thickness skin graft can be used, which has been harvested from the residual dog ears. The substance of both techniques is presented outlining indications and benefits of both procedures.

Revisiting the single-stage forehead flap in nasal reconstruction 
Park SS.
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Gregor M Bran

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