Widening the nasal dorsum has been one of the major aesthetic concerns after using spreader grafts to improve nasal airway obstruction in patients with nasal valve problems. In this study the authors evaluated the association of functional septorhinoplasty using spreader graft placement with patient satisfaction with nasal appearance postoperatively. The evaluation included the nasal obstruction symptom evaluation (NOSE) scale and the FACE-Q Satisfaction preoperatively and up to one year postoperatively. There were no significant differences in final nasal appearance scores between patients undergoing functional septorhinoplasty with only spreader grafts vs those with spreader grafts plus other graft types for cosmetic purposes. This study shows that placement of spreader grafts for the treatment of nasal obstruction due to nasal valve dysfunction has not any negative aesthetic impact. Both nasal obstruction and patient satisfaction with their nasal appearance were significantly improved following functional septorhinoplasty using spreader graft placement.

Analysis of patient-perceived nasal appearance evaluations following functional septorhinoplasty with spreader graft placement.
Fuller JC, Levesque PA, Lindsay RW, MD
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