The authors investigated the impact of mental health on patient satisfaction with rhinoplasty. They responded to the question whether preoperative mental health is associated with satisfaction with functional outcomes of rhinoplasty. They assessed baseline nasal function and postsurgical functional outcomes for 88 consecutive patients undergoing rhinoplasty with both cosmetic and functional goals. Nasal function was assessed with patient-reported outcome measures, as well as objective outcomes. All outcomes were assessed preoperatively and six months postoperatively. A health survey mental component summary was used to assess mental well-being. Patients with poor mental health had similar improvements in nasal function compared with controls. This study showed that rhinoplasty resulted in similar benefits to nasal function regardless of preoperative mental health status.

Association between mental health status and patient satisfaction with the functional outcomes of rhinoplasty.
Strazdins E, Nie YF, Ramli R, et al.
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