The author presents a sound overview of some of the most prevalent non-surgical techniques used for lip rejuvenation, capturing the challenges in treating a complex anatomical region, as well as the attention required to the surrounding areas; nasolabial region and mid-face. The natural lip ratio for enhancement is mentioned along with ethnic variance and author opinion surrounding the most appropriate techniques for augmentation to achieve iconic lip styles such as a ‘Scarlett Johansson lip’ and ‘Paris lip.’ The age related changes in cranio-facial dental morphology are briefly addressed, particularly in how these may impact upon the choice of product used, the most appropriate non-surgical technique and suitability for treatment. It may have proved more insightful for the reader to be provided with images of individuals who are unsuitable for non-surgical lip rejuvenation, and a supporting rationale, describing potential alternative treatment approaches. Combining botulinum toxin is an effective adjunctive treatment to dermal filler when enhancing the perioral region in certain individuals, and may have proved an interesting discussion point. There is no discussion on available caliper devices to measure lips and the important role devices such as these provide to equip the clinician to treat accurately, along with aesthetic scales to discuss the realistic level of correction during the consultation. It may have proved useful to address the importance of assessing the area dynamically to assess for muscular asymmetry and how this can impact upon treatment. The anatomical considerations are described briefly, in relation to complications arising from this region. More depth is required to reinforce the importance of treating safely, particularly the precise anatomical location of the superior and inferior labial arteries and what this means in terms of treatment considerations. A useful account for non-surgical clinicians requiring basic insight into lip rejuvenation techniques.

Mastering the art of lip rejuvenation: identifying patterns and techniques.
Fletcher L.
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