The author shares experience of treating aesthetic male patients, with discussion surrounding components of effective treatment strategies. Discussion is underpinned by current statistics for a global increase in the number of male patients seeking aesthetic treatments, ranging from laser, chemical peels, platelet-rich plasma therapy, thread lifts and injectable treatments. The process of how the male face ages is explored in some detail, with regard to differences in skin thickness, and muscle strength and mass in comparison to female patients. It may have provided greater insight to the reader to explore the differences in more detail, between male and female facial ageing, and thus, which treatments prove to be particularly popular with men. The author presents a male case study, with before and after photos, as an example of the effectiveness of combination treatments. The subject had undergone botulinum toxin, dermal filler to the midface and jawline, a poly-L-Lactic acid thread lift to the mid and lower face as well as three sessions of platelet-rich plasma therapy to his facial skin and receding hair line.

Male facial aesthetics: understanding an emerging segment of patients.
Sister D.
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Anna Baker

BJN Aesthetic Nurse of the Year 2016.

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