A detailed and concise article concerning many important aspects of laser treatment for tattoo removal, the technical discussion is largely focused upon Q-Switch laser for this purpose but other types, including wave lengths, are acknowledged. A strong emphasis is placed on risk assessment and a thorough timely consultation with a comprehensive overview of the treatment process, including skin types and number of expected treatments per region. The author advocates close liaison with allied specialists within this line of treatment, reinforcing the importance of laser tattoo removal being overseen closely by registered health professionals in settings where the treatment and consultation may be undertaken by aestheticians. It may have enhanced the article if it had included some case studies to include examples of exceptional results as well as examples of complications encountered through treatment with a supporting rationale for how these were managed, as well as when to refer for expert guidance in complex scenarios. A very useful account for practitioners wishing to gain a broad overview into this treatment modality.

Laser tattoo reduction and removal: assessment, risk profile and clinical endpoints.
Ashworth H.
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