A detailed article exploring many aspects of IPL; the mode of action, the role in photorejuvenation, as well as a useful comparison as to how the scope of IPL compares to laser for similar purposes, with analogies as to how these devices and treatment indications differ. A good discussion is presented surrounding the current evidence for pre-treatment preparation of hair bearing areas prior to photoepilation. The author acknowledges the lack of robust data to support the effectiveness of IPL treatment for hair reduction through randomised or controlled trials and describes close attention is purveyed to the importance of appropriate patient selection and consultation process, describing contraindications to treatment as well as a variety of side effects, risks and complications. An insightful piece to provide the reader with meticulous insight into the strengths and weaknesses of IPL.

Intensed pulsed light for skin rejuvenation: evidence base, indications and risks.
Arias L.
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