This is an interesting review looking at the history of the use of skin grafts and the evolution of grafting, including a paragraph on future concepts. The review is broken down into chronological sections describing different skin grafting techniques that have developed over the past 200 years. Eponymously-named techniques including Reverdin pinch grafting, Ollier grafting, Thiersch grafting, Wolfe grafting, the Pagett dermatome, Meek-wall microdermatome, Tanner mesh grafts are described with explanations of their advantages and disadvantages. Future concepts including the development of Xpansion described by Hackl et al., Integra® dermal regeneration template, and ReCell® technology are briefly discussed. This review is a good example of innovation and refinement in a surgical technique, which is a common theme in plastic surgery history.

Evolution of skin grafting for treatment of burns: Reverdin pinch grafting to Tanner mesh grafting and beyond.
Singh M, Nuutila K, Collins KC, Huang A.


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