The author presents a comprehensive discussion on laser-assisted lipolysis. A brief discussion of the surgical history with abdominoplasty and traditional liposuction is described, alongside a detailed overview of the evolution of non-invasive laser-lipolysis that is underpinned by detailed diagrammatic explanations. Examples of abdominal and flank treatment bracket sites are illustrated, with guidelines on treatment interval and number of sessions required. Managing patient expectation, in comparison to surgical outcomes, is discussed and the author shares personal clinical experience of patient inclusion criteria, as well as a bespoke treatment algorithm. Features of specific non-invasive laser lipolysis technology are discussed in relation to SmartLipo® hyperthermic 1060nm diode laser light and audit data and patient feedback shared from the author’s own patient group with satisfaction scores. Appropriate patient selection and expectation appears key in relation to this procedure which is reinforced throughout this insightful account.

Evolution of laser lipolysis in non-invasive fat reduction and body sculpting.
Balaratnam S.
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Anna Baker

BJN Aesthetic Nurse of the Year 2016.

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