Many techniques to increase nasal tip projection and rotation have been described. The lateral crural steal (LCS) technique appears to be suitable for patients who have an under-rotation associated with poor projection of the nasal tip.  The objective of the presented original investigation was to evaluate the efficacy of the LCS technique, comparing the preoperative with immediate postoperative and long-term surgical outcomes with focus on longevity of tip projection and rotation. Twenty consecutive patients were evaluated. Rhinoplasties were performed under local anesthetic and endonasally. Quantitative analysis included evaluation of nasal length, nasal tip rotation and projection. There was a statistically significant increase in immediate postoperative measurements in nasal length (46.5mm to 40.5mm) and nasolabial angle (89.5° to 109.2°). The authors documented no statistical significant increase of tip projection. Comparison of immediate and late postoperative results proved stability of surgical outcome.

Evaluation of lateral crural steal in nasal tip surgery.
Patrocínio LG, Patrocínio TG, Barreto DM, et al.
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Gregor M Bran

Dr Horst Schmidt Kliniken, Wiesbaden, Germany.

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