The author presents an account of the role of aesthetic nurses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The current article is part of a series examining aesthetic nursing practices and cultural perceptions of beauty across the globe. An interesting report which describes the increasing demand for cosmetic procedures, with comparative statistics of the number of plastic surgeons in the US in relation to the UAE, confirming the rising numbers of procedures being undertaken. The author captured some of the current Islamic influences, which are prevalent in cosmetic practice, and states that the UAE Supreme Court prohibits any intervention to female genitalia without permission of the female individual’s male guardian, as one example. The role of nurses within cosmetic facilities is described as paramount, whilst regulation surrounding registration and fitness to practice are rigorous. All facilities offering aesthetic procedures are subject to random quarterly inspections from the Dubai Health Authority, based on the rising number of cosmetic facilities within the UAE, the author predicts aesthetic nurses will be highly sought after, particularly in Dubai, in the future. This is an insightful piece for aesthetic nurses. It may have been useful to include some further information and web links to where nurses could access information on registration requirements surrounding obtaining a license to practise in the UAE.

Emirati aesthetics: Seeking beauty in an Islamic society.
Mendes A.
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